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1. Educational materials for Mongolia / Conservation education

~ A strip-cartoon about the Mongolian Khulan and its protection - 2009

Creation of the scenario of a strip-cartoon dedicated to the Mongolian wild ass and its protection in collaboration with Pr. GOMBOBAATAR S. (Mongolian Ornithological Society). This strip-cartoon was created in 2009 and donated to the local population during the summer 2009 (in the southeast Gobi, south of the Dornogobi aimag). Drawing and painting were made by Mr. Patrick ALLARD.


The title of this strip-cartoon is « Хулан миний найз » that means « Khulan, my friend», Khulan is the mongolian name of the Mongolian Wild Ass. 

~ Story book for kids about the Mongolian Khulan

A story book for children about the Mongolian Khulan will be soon finished. The aim, through a story that happens in Mongolia, is to provide information about this endangered species's behavioral ecology, its status, and to raise awareness about its protection. I wrote the story, and the illustration have been made by a Mongolian artist. 


This story book will be used as educational material by the Association GOVIIN KHULAN to raise awareness of Mongolian children and their parents, about the protection of the endangered Mongolian Khulan. This book will be translated into mongolian, english and french. The version we will give and sell in Mongolia will be available in 2 languages in the same book: mongolian and english.  We hope to sell the book in Mongolia and abroad. 


If you want to know when ithis book will be realesed, please contact me.

2. Authentication

~ ARKive /

Authentication of information published on the ARKive's website about the Asiatic Wild Ass and donation of some photos of the Mongolian Wild Ass / Mongolian Khulan and Przewalski's horse for educational use. 


Asiatic Wild Ass:


Przewalski's horse:


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Mongolian Khulan protection

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