Mongolian Wild Donkey/Ass; Hémione/âne sauvage de Mongolie; Khulan; Монгол хулан


The Mongolian Khulan, also known as Mongolian Wild Donkey (Equus hemionus hemionus), is a wild Equid which mainly lives in south of Mongolia (with small populations in north of China: Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia), and which is still not well known internationally. 


The Mongolian Khulan is listed in the IUCN Red List as Endangered and is included in Appendix I of the CITES and in Appendix II of the CMS.



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Mongolian Khulan protection / Protection de l'hémione sauvage de Mongolie

Please, take a moment to visit the website of the Association GOVIIN KHULAN to know more about research and actions - I and this non-profit organization - conduct to protect the endangered Mongolian Khulan and its habitat in the southeast Gobi, south of Mongolia // Prenez un peu de temps pour visiter le site internet de l'Association GOVIIN KHULAN pour y découvrir les recherches et actions conduites en Mongolie pour protéger l'hémione sauvage de Mongolie et son habitat, dans le sud-est Gobi, au sud de la Mongolie.


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Mongolian Khulan protection

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